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DUI Lawyer Athens Georgia


Athens DUI officers arrest thousands of drivers each year for driving under the influence (DUI). An Athens DUI is a serious offense and if convicted, the DUI will stay on your criminal history forever. The consequences for even a first DUI conviction in Athens can include a driver’s license suspension, jail time, probation, fines and surcharges totaling thousands of dollars, community service, DUI school, alcohol and drug counseling, and other treatment options that the court deems appropriate. For a second DUI, as well as for a third or repeat Athens DUI, the jail time and probation can be much longer. In addition, the implications for your Georgia driver’s license become much more severe. License suspensions can last for years and you may also be faced with the installation of an ignition interlock system before you are able to fully reinstate your Georgia driving privileges. dui lawyer Athens ga


In addition to Court sanctions, a DUI on your criminal history can be detrimental to securing employment or educational opportunities. In Athens especially, many University of Georgia students who are arrested and charged with DUI also face penalties for the DUI from the University, in addition to penalties from the Court and the Georgia Department of Driver Services. In summary, an Athens DUI is not something to take lightly as the consequences are severe and long lasting. This is why it is important to hire a skilled Athens DUI lawyer as soon as possible following you arrest. Our Athens DUI lawyers can help protect your rights and ensure you the best possible outcome on your Athens DUI case. We can help you navigate the license suspension issues and deal with UGA if you are a student and facing University sanctions.


In Athens, there are many offenses that people are routinely charged with that can lead to a driver’s license suspension, even though they have nothing to do with driving under the influence. Athens police officers frequently charge people with being under the age of 21 and in possession of alcohol. Underage possession, also known as being a minor in possession or (MIP), can be serious in that in can lead to a license suspension and if convicted, the conviction will be on one’s record for the rest of their lives. For a young person starting out in particular, having a conviction for MIP can mean the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. It can also have effects on professional license and college and graduate school programs.


Athens DUI Lawyer Richard S. Lawson has nearly 20 years’ experience fighting DUI cases and helping his clients. Before dedicating his career to DUI defense, he was a DUI prosecuting attorney. That means that he knows what Athens prosecutors look for in making their cases against DUI drivers and is better able to negotiate with the prosecuting attorneys on behalf of his clients. He knows their playbook and the arguments that they use against DUI accused drivers at trial. Mr. Lawson has been helping alleged DUI drivers fight and win their cases for the past 14 years. He has won numerous accolades for his efforts in getting clients the best results.


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