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Habitual Violator DUI HV

Habitual Violator (HV)


The term Habitual Violator, also called HV, is given to those who are repeat offenders of a certain crime, or several serious traffic crimes. While being a HV is not something a person can be charged with, only those with that status are capable of committing certain offenses others cannot commit. The technical name for these offenses is Violation of the Georgia Driver’s License Act (VGDLA). The shorthand for VGDLA is ‘habitual violator’ or HV.

You gain HV status if you commit three or more serious driving offenses within a 5 year period. Serious driving offenses include DUI and driving on a suspended license as well as several other serious traffic offenses such as fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement officers. If you have prior charges, you may be at risk of being considered HV and it imperative you talk to a skilled Athens DUI lawyer immediately. HV status can lead to long term license suspensions and involved steps toward becoming a legal driver again such as a probationary license and an ignition interlock.

If you know or suspect that you are a habitual violator, call our Athens DUI lawyers immediately. Being caught driving on a suspended or revoked license when you are HV can only make the situation more serious. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you make a plan to get back to driving legally.